REEX JumpStart

Scholars in Commercial Real Estate

Introduction to the commercial real estate industry led by top university faculty, CEO’s and business executives!!!


Scholar Testimonials

Donovan Okyere (Rising Senior/Scholar, Howard – from Frisco, Texas):

The REEX staff and speakers offered invaluable insights and added to my program experience- Thank you! I was a part of Howard University cohort’s winning team taking 2nd Place in the National Capstone Presentation Finals, and as I continue to position myself for university studies in 2023, I’m looking to expand my knowledge and interest in commercial real estate. I look forward to participating in opportunities to further engage in my real estate learning in the form of seminars, internships and/or employment.

Audrey Roche (Rising Senior/Scholar, NYU – from Oakland, California):

Thank you so much to the REEX Program to allowing me to be a part of this program! I am so appreciative for this opportunity for have given me the chance to broaden my knowledge about the Commercial Real Estate industry. I had so much fun being able to participate in the New York section of this program and I just wanted to relay my thanks.”

Joshua Clachar Jr. (Scholar, Harvard):

I had a great time participating in the program. Thank you for accepting me into the program and allowing me to make connections with teammates and speakers. I really appreciated this opportunity. 

 Noah Kim (Scholar, NYU):

I wanted to say thank you again for the amazing experience I had in your program. I hope to use my newfound knowledge and motivation to better myself and my community. With the new school year starting I am excited to go back in person and learn. I hope to keep in touch and alert you of my progress.

(2020 Scholar, Cornell):

As someone who had no clue what to study in college, learning about real estate really opened my eyes.  I’ve never considered this career option before, but now I am because it combines the skills I want and have.  I’m definitely applying to the Cornell Hotel School and am highly considering urban studies as a major.  Once again, thanks for leading the Cornell program.  It was really a unique and unforgettable experience.

 2021 Participant:

“Everyone was so interesting and unique in their perspectives on real estate. I’m glad we had the opportunity to interact with colleges other than the one we are signed up with because it opened my horizons to colleges I wasn’t previously interested in.”

 2021 Participant:

“Speaking to all of these successful people involved in commercial real estate and real estate as a whole was really helpful not only in showing us how real estate works and how to be successful in real estate but we were also able to make connections with these people and use them in the future as well as learn from them on how to network and how to take advantage of networking in the future.”

Parent Testimonials

Leslie Davis (Parent of Mario Davis, Jr., Scholar, NYU):

Thank you so much for all of your support for Mario’s participation in the REEX program this summer.  It was truly an amazing educational experience and further fueled his interest in the real estate profession!  As a parent, I appreciate how well organized the program was and mostly appreciate all of your support.  The speakers, the communication platform, the tools utilized…everything was so well planned and made it so easy for the students to engage. We absolutely plan to apply again next year and look forward to hopefully an in-person experience.

Denise Horne (Parent of Victoria Horne, Scholar, Cornell):

Thank you so much for making this program available for students to learn about the many aspects of commercial real estate. This exposure has given Victoria a greater understanding about the industry. The experience has also given her access to the Cornell team and she is actually looking forward to a personalized tour when we drop her brother on campus in mid-August. I am actually very proud of Victoria for placing second in the Capstone project.

 Bree West (Parent of Micah Baylor, Scholar, Univ. of Miami):

Thank you so much for providing Micah with such an amazing summer experience! She absolutely loved the program and was excited, beyond words, when her team won the challenge. 

 LaVona Carpenter (Parent of Kevin Carpenter, Jr., Scholar, Howard University):

Thank you for a great program! Kevin was so excited when his team placed second in the competition. He learned a tremendous amount of information through REEX and has already recommended the program to a few of his friends who are rising seniors. Thank you for the opportunity! 

 Mrs. G. Taylor (Parent of Mackenzie Taylor, Scholar, Howard University):

I would like to thank everyone involved in the REEX program, particularly Howard University. With no reminders or assistance from me, Mackenzie got up early, stayed late, spent additional hours on the phone with her group members and changed her clothes for presentations. I have been whispering in Mackenzie’s ear about HBCUs ever since she understood what college was because I thought there had to be a better, different way. So, I will be forever grateful to Howard University because, if only for two weeks, they gave my first born the encouragement, support and excitement that I never experienced from an institution of higher learning.

Judge/Volunteer Testimonials

Wayne C. Tyler (Principal, Wayne & Associates, LLC & Coach, Howard University):

Awesome program. For a two-week program, you derived amazing results.  This exposure will go a long way.  They are more marketable. I wish I could give them all internships so they can build off this experience. Again, congrats for a job well done!!

 Reesa Fischer (Judge, MIT Semi-Finals):

The kids are so impressive and enthusiastic. It’s an honor to take part.  Thank you again for the opportunity to be involved. I will say it again- this program is so inspiring and continues to be the highlight of my career. I look forward to next year!!


 Judge Testimonials


Ted Konigsberg (Judge/Sponsor, National Finals):

It was an honor to be one of the REEX judges. These high school kids presented at a level WAY beyond their years. They did great research and developed exceptionally creative development/redevelopment proposals.  Our involvement was core to the SIOR Foundation’s mission, and I predict we met a number of future SIOR designees! What you are achieving with this program is remarkable.

What will REEX JumpStart look like?

The REEX JumpStart Scholars in Commercial Real Estate is a 2-week residential program that will focus on developing a pipeline of high achieving, diverse students (current high school juniors) by providing exposure to the following:


  • Entrepreneurship & Commercial Real Estate Fundamentals in “Masterclass” Modules as well as Small Group Cohorts
  • Access to University Partners & their College Faculty/Admission Officers
  • Experiential Learning through engaged instruction, virtual site visits, case studies, etc. with other diverse students nationwide
  • Engage with CEOs, Founders & Executives in Business & Commercial Real Estate
  • Participate in Team University Competitions culminating at a National Competition


Application Requirements

  • Current High School juniors who will be graduating in May/June 2023

Program Timeline

REEX JumpStart Session 1 Dates: June 20 – July 1, 2022

  • Boston (Harvard/MIT)
  • Washington, DC (Howard University)
  • Miami (University of Miami)

REEX JumpStart Session 2 Dates: July 11 – July 22, 2022

  • New York (New York University) / (Cornell University)*

*All Cornell University scholars will reside on the NYU campus

Select top scholars from the program culminating case competition will be invited to attend and compete (all travel, lodging, and meal expense paid) in a National Leading for Life Challenge: August 2-5, 2022 (Martha’s Vineyard)

*Four (4) Post Summer Virtual Learning Sessions (Fall 2022 and Winter 2022/2023)

Focus on the following core competencies:

    • Leadership Development & Servant Leadership
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Team Building and Development
    • Social Justice


Application Deadlines *All deadlines are 11:59 pm Eastern Time, unless otherwise specified.
REEX JumpStart Online Application Open March 16, 2022
Financial Aid
If you would like to apply for a need-based scholarship, please indicate in the Family Financial Information section of the program application. Limited scholarships are available. Financial aid will be awarded subject to availability of funds.
Application Deadline: May 15, 2022*UPDATED Acceptance Decision: TBD*Updated; we will be admitting scholars on a rolling basis

Program Fees Deposit Due (50%)

Final Payment Balance Due


May 31, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply to the REEX JumpStart summer program?

We accept applications from current juniors only*SOPH + SENIORS TOO UPDATED who will be graduating in May or June of 2023 for our program. The required criteria for the completion of a REEX Jumpstart application are their academic records, leadership roles, community/extracurricular activities, and letter of recommendation.

Will students need a COVID vaccine to participate in the residential 2022 REEX JumpStart program?

REEX JumpStart will require all participating students to be vaccinated and/or have taken the booster. Unfortunately, COVID is still with us. We need to take precautions to ensure that we can continue to have an opportunity to make the most of our 2022 Summer Session. We want to also take this opportunity to emphasize that our host institutions have strict protocols and guidelines for the health and safety of all students and faculty.

How much is the application fee and how can it be paid?

The application fee is $50 (+ processing fee) and is paid via credit or debit card before applying online. The application fee is nonrefundable.

What are the programming fees for the 2022 REEX JumpStart summer program?

The programming fees will be $4,000. The 2-week residential program fee includes domestic flight arrangements for the scholars to their respective institution, along with transfers to and from campus. Program fees also include tuition for the entire immersive learning experience, accommodations, and meals for the two weeks in residence.

What if I cannot afford the REEX JumpStart summer program?

Need-based scholarships are awarded based on financial need, and there are limited funds available. To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must complete the financial requirements on the application.

Do I choose the campus that I would like to attend for the REEX JumpStart program?

We cannot guarantee placement at any specific university campus, but the admissions committee will consider the applicant’s preferences, in addition to several other factors that we have deemed important in maximizing the scholar’s overall experience.

What is required on the online application?
  • Application
  • One (1) Short Response Essay
  • Resume, Transcript, 1 Recommendation Letter, SAT/ ACT scores (if available)

All recommendation requests are done electronically. Applicants will invite Recommenders by email through the application with authorization to complete the recommendation forms.

When will applicants be notified of their status of acceptance into the 2022 REEX JumpStart summer program?

The selection and placement process is done by the REEX JumpStart application review team. An email notification from portal will be sent to applicants regarding their acceptance with a university assignment OR Waitlist status. We will be admitting scholars on a rolling basis.

Limited space, only 125 students admitted!

Will attending the program help my application should I choose to apply to the University I’m assigned to?

Completing REEX Jumpstart does not guarantee acceptance to any of the partner universities but it will be considered positively as part of an application.

What is the purpose of REEX JumpStart summer program?

To introduce students of color to the commercial real estate industry in a university setting, provide them with the knowledge, networks, and opportunities to build generational wealth, and introduce them to careers with high-earning potential in commercial real estate.

How often will the REEX JumpStart scholars meet?

Curriculum  Monday–Friday ~ 6.5 hours/day


  • Business and CRE Fundamentals
  • College Prep/Admissions
  • Building/Affecting Your Community


  • Small Group Case Studies
  • Judged competitively, with cash  prizes awarded to winners
  • Career Path Discussions
  • Coaching by Business & Real Estate  Professionals

REEX JumpStart scholars will also participate in a capstone competition, applying the skills learned throughout the lectures to a real-world case study for a reward.

What will I learn?

REEX JUMPSTART provides a road map for diverse students to achieve financial independence and generational wealth. In addition, scholars will be exposed to top tier universities and faculty/admissions officers.

  • College level instruction
  • Mentorship
  • REEX JUMPSTART cohorts/peer coaches
  • Industry professionals
  • Internship opportunities
Who should I contact if I experience technical difficulties with the application?

Please contact [email protected]

Do I need to have a background in real estate to participate in REEX Jumpstart?

No prior knowledge of real estate is required to apply or participate.