My name is Jacob Jacob Pollock. I am 17. I go to Melbourne High School.
It was like an official, like Cornell summer program where you got actual College credit for doing it. It was three weeks long. So, like the beginning of the summer. And so I was at Cornell at that time because it was before Coroners. I did a social entrepreneurship program.
So it was three weeks basically discussing how businesses. We read books too, as well. But the main idea was how businesses I can go beyond just charity work, helping people rather than working with them. So we kind of went through different organizations. So some of them that we did is we went through Teach for America Organization in America that has people who just graduated College.
They go to high schools to help schools that don’t have as many teachers or done much support. We talked about some outreach programs that were in Africa. We read a book called I Forgot the Exact Time. It was something about Jacqueline Nova Crash, who created this whole organization of micro funds into so just like a huge bank. And then what we did at the end of the course is we created in groups.
We created our own organization so we wouldn’t actually once we left, the call is it would be a little difficult to actually create the kind of like theorized and kind of made a plan. So my group, I was with other students. We made a group, a project called Project in Power, which was to help public schools in the New York City area who don’t have as much after school help and help students who may need that support. So that was what we did at the end of the of the program.
So I learned about the Cornell one probably just I think, just like I knew about the University. So I was just curious about what programs they had. So I would say I mostly got it from the Internet just looking at it.
So the best part of my Cornell program was just being on the College campus, having the teacher, like, accessibility, the professors. It was my first, like, my parents didn’t go to College, so I don’t really have too many experiences about College. So it was actually really nice to be able to be independent, kind of really not relying on high school like your teachers, like your core schedule. It was very much you had to work on your own, which I really liked the independence and also just nice being on a College campus away from a school.
My family, I guess it was nice to have some time off and also being on a College campus site I had not really been to and also kind of learn experiences.
I think the cool thing about summer programs that high school sometimes it’s a little bit. Some of the courses are very general and also they’re restrictive. But for the summer programs that youhave the option to take some interesting courses. There’s no social entrepreneurship program in my high school. That’s not a thing.
Also management, like even business. And my school is very like, they don’t really have any courses. And if it is, of course, it’s quite a joke. So it was nice to be able to have the opportunity to study the during the summer.
I would say that the worst part was and this is probably specific just to my course, because it was very compacted. And the Cornell program that I attended, there were many different other programs. There were tons of people who were doing different programs. My class only had, like ten to 15 kids, which is pretty small, but other classes had, like 30 or 40. So I guess that could be annoying if there were too many people.
But my course is probably one of the hardest. So I definitely spent, like, all my time, like studying in the library, finishing my projects. So it is a lot of work. I mean, sometimes I guess the summer programs could be really difficult. I don’t know if it’s kind of hard because I didn’t really have any expectations beforehand because I didn’t really know exactly what was going to happen.
Anyway. One thing I guess I did not realize is how there were so many different parts. Like, there’s so many different elements of these summer programs that I didn’t really know of. So beyond just, like, kind of the studying the courses, you have the opportunity to do some fun activities. Like I said, you can go on trips with people you can hang.
Like when I was in Cornell, it was during 4 July. So we had, like, 4 July celebrations. We also had, like, a talent show. I guess that was something I didn’t really expect because I thought it was just mostly like, I was only going to the program to learn new information. I wasn’t there that, of course, I wanted to have fun, but I was there to learn something.
So it was nice to have those other activities.
It was a little expensive. So I would say that don’t do a summer course. It’s like, like, you shouldn’t wait. You shouldn’t spend your money on that instead of something, like, really important or essential, because there are some programs, I guess are like, add ons because you could, of course, learn on your own. But I would say that the Cornell one that I did, I think it was especially expensive because it was College campus College food.
We also it was official College credit. So, like, I don’t know if I would go to I went, but if I went to Cornell, they would count for my College credit. So I was like already had a semester worth of credits. So I guess maybe that’s why I was expensive, but I think overall I had a great time doing it. It was much better than just being in my house alone, although that’s what’s happening now.
So maybe it hasn’t used too much, but I think it was worth it. I mean, I wanted to learn something, and I did learn, and I met a lot of new people that I wouldn’t have otherwise recommendation is. Well, do it early. I mean, I if you’re doing the I think by February 19, I think it’s a little bit late. Honestly, I guess it depends.
I mean, I don’t know how the Corona virus that all that Stuff’s been affected because I did this the year before, and I didn’t do any summer programs last year. I don’t know when the deadlines are, but I guess do it early. Get the recommendations done because I got my recommendations done pretty early. I guess you get your writing done both of my courses. I had to write something, so I guess I wrote my stuff pretty early, so I didn’t have to stress about it later on, I guess.
And also spots will fill up. I think a lot of these programs, people. I think people want to learn over the summer. You don’t want to lose all your knowledge. I think it’s good to almost, like, sign up for these courses pretty early, or else your spot is going to be taken.