BlueStamp Engineering

Summer Programs

2023 Application


About The Program

BlueStamp Engineering (BSE) students are highly motivated young men and women with a keen interest in building projects. Because each student selects and completes their own project, there are no student requirements beyond passion and perseverance.

All students from rising high school freshman through graduating high school seniors are welcome to apply.

Some students do have previous experience and can take their skills to the next level with more advanced projects. BSE has limited capacity and so we encourage students to apply soon.

BSE offers a six-week, in-person program in Palo Alto, CA as well as a three-week, remote, instructor-led program.

This application has four sections:
1: Student and Family Information
2: Personal Statement and References
3: Program Information
4: Financial Aid Application (if applicable)

If you have any questions, feel free to use the help chat in the bottom right or head to BSE’s FAQ page.